Connecticut Mental Health Center

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34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 6508

Phone Number
(203) 974-3000

About Connecticut Mental Health Center

Connecticut Mental Health Center is a psychiatric hospital located in New Haven, Connecticut. This hospital ownership type is Government - State.

Connecticut Mental Health Center is located at 34 Park Street, New Haven, CT 6508 and can be contacted via phone number (203) 974-3000.


Hostpital Name Connecticut Mental Health Center
Hospital Type Psychiatric
Ownership Government - State
Address 34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 6508
Phone (203) 974-3000

Overall Hospital Quality Rating

The Overall Hospital Quality Star rating summarizes a variety of measures across 7 areas of quality. Rating was created by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Safety of Care
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Patient Experience
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Timeliness of Care
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Efficient use of Medical Imaging
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